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Our Story

Having lived in the UK and Canada for a long time, the founders came back to their home country (India) to explore. One day when touring the Royal palaces of Rajasthan, they had an epiphany that Indian Maharajas (Kings) and Ranis (Queens) were accustomed to the utmost luxury. Their rich lifestyle was renowned around the world, and this inspired the birth of SVARNTAI.

Why should luxury be preserved in a palace or a museum for sightseeing? Gone are the days when exceptional timepieces were only the preserve of an elite clientele. With an enduring design, the SVARNTAI watch is above all accessible to everyone. It embodies comfort, ergonomics and practicality. SVARNTAI offers a well-balanced watch that has a very minimal and timeless design.

Best Of Both Worlds

SVARNTAI desires to bring this Class and Style inspired from ancient India to the world. A mixture of 2 Indian words Svarna (Golden in Hindi) and Antai (Owl in Tamil), the brand speaks Royalty and Purity. SVARNTAI shakes the ancestral codes of the watchmaking industry. Launched by two young entrepreneurs, the brand aims to reclaim a specific world where high-end design and technology are one.

The Design

The goal is to create premium grade watches that use quality materials such as Surgical grade 316L stainless steel, scratch resistant sapphire crystal and precision Swiss movements. The hand stitched leather strap comes with a butterfly clasp that not only adds to its elegance but also prevents it from the constant wear and tear when wearing/removing. The classic steel mesh strap has a shine that can outlast many. At each step, we have pushed the boundaries on what we can offer at an accessible price, such as the inclusion of ceramic dial.